Lost in HPA pulak?

April 1, 2010 at 10:09 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

Our group was looking for a “suitable place to conduct our activities.”

Then we decided that HPA was the “perfect” place !

Dwee, Alia, Syai and Wan’s group, on the other hand….

…got lost in HPA, without knowing it was HPA apparently (Wan has always been blur =.=).

Enjoy their group’s video, which I think was really well done !

Loveddddd the acting !

Our class not bad laa; we have many great actors !

Shalini, Farah, Nisa and As’s group was simply hilarious !

Gorsh, Shalini’s face just cracked me up ! :P

Then, Kak Farah, Aini, Anis and Joe’s group was really creative too.

They did on flora and fauna of HPA, so created a fictional character Mawar Mewangi who fell sick and went in search of a cure – using HPA flora and fauna. Was good ! Kak Farah made a scarrryyy Nenek Kebayan ! wakaka

Unfortunately, I don’t have their videos though.

Oh well.

Wish you could have seen them. I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed them as much as I did !

Seriously impressed me, these cute-unsuspecting-but-have-hidden-talents-for-acting classmates of mine ! XD


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(Finally) HPA, Here We Come !!

March 31, 2010 at 4:08 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Ahaha. I was hoping and hoping and hoping x1000 this would work.

I really sooo want to upload my group’s video for all of you to see.


I checked the available file formats again, and there was no mention of .wmv. Or any video file for that matter.

Then I realized that the only way for me to be able to upload and embed video files into this blog would be to have a Video Upgrade.

Which would cost me $59.97 per year, per blog.

Yikes. I guess that’s out of the question. >.<


A thought struck me.

I can upload videos from YouTube right?

And I have a YouTube account right? (Which I set up quite some time ago but never had any chance or reason to upload any videos before now so my sakuraliz2411 channel is pretty much empty >.<)


Why not upload my group’s video onto YouTube, and then link it to my blog from there?


Aren’t I simply a genius? :P

So, ta-daaaaaaaaa !!!!

Here it is !

(Now I can say) Enjoy~~ XD

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Here It Is ! :)

March 19, 2010 at 9:11 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

This is the video from which I got my idea for my bag.

Since everyone was asking about it, I give you the video. So have a look yourself, and see how easy it is to make !

Have fun trying it out like I did ! :)

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