(Finally) HPA, Here We Come !!

March 31, 2010 at 4:08 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Ahaha. I was hoping and hoping and hoping x1000 this would work.

I really sooo want to upload my group’s video for all of you to see.


I checked the available file formats again, and there was no mention of .wmv. Or any video file for that matter.

Then I realized that the only way for me to be able to upload and embed video files into this blog would be to have a Video Upgrade.

Which would cost me $59.97 per year, per blog.

Yikes. I guess that’s out of the question. >.<


A thought struck me.

I can upload videos from YouTube right?

And I have a YouTube account right? (Which I set up quite some time ago but never had any chance or reason to upload any videos before now so my sakuraliz2411 channel is pretty much empty >.<)


Why not upload my group’s video onto YouTube, and then link it to my blog from there?


Aren’t I simply a genius? :P

So, ta-daaaaaaaaa !!!!

Here it is !

(Now I can say) Enjoy~~ XD



  1. anahiarar said,

    wakakaka. I like “Ana kaki terkangkang, Muahahaha!!” the most in the video! :P
    eh not to forget, yana’s “cute” gaya and also “HPA here we come” (-.-“)

    ahaha..do u think our promotion in this vid will attract other ppl to come? perhaps, it will, but only bcos wanna see all the awesome “models” in vid. wakaka XD

    p/s : karupi gunde chi kurus-gemuk-kurus- paling klakar!! XD

    • Liz o(^^)o said,

      I like that too ! I was giggling the wholeeeee time cos it was sooo farneyyyy. Your kaki and Yana’s pose laa XD And Shan !! wakakaka

      Models, yes. Except YOU XD muahahahha

  2. anahiarar said,

    Ala tak pelik pon..u memang always like that, all giggle2 then laugh2 lagi semua :P
    kalau tak kelakar pon camtu XD

    models? actually all 5 of us– ana-yana-shan-jess-jacq—- look like models, EXCEPT YOU. not enuf tall kot? ahahahaha XD

    • Liz o(^^)o said,


      hmph. No friend you dy >.<

  3. anahiarar said,

    alalalala. u ni..cepat sentap la. haha :P
    org gurau2 je..

    ok, u tinggi. satisfied? :P

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