The Final Unveiling

March 26, 2010 at 1:29 AM (Uncategorized) ()

Tutorial 25.3.2010

Today was our video/group assignment presentation.

Our group decided to go first. I mean, why not? Everyone else seemed a little reluctant to.

So, I was just rubbing my palms thinking, “Let’s just get this done and over with.”

Our video was comparatively short. But I think we did okay. Was happy with what we had done. Honestly, though the video may not seem much, but all our sweat, blood and tears went into every minute of it.

We had the most problem with the file format. Every time we wanted to do something with a video, or a clip, the file format is always not suitable. Like Windows Movie Maker, for example (which was what we used to do our video) could only read .mpg, .mpeg or .wmv files, but not .flv. So, more than a dozen times, we had to convert one file from this format to another, downloading suitable programs just so we could use the file. Much time wasted on that. It was exhausting, seriously >.<

But I was happy with the outcome of our hard work.

Then we saw the other groups’ videos.


They were all seriously good ! And I enjoyed each of them :)

How did they make their videos so canggih-fied? Wow. I seriously admire their masterpieces. They were really good :)

I am certainly impressed with our class. We all managed to release fairly decent videos all for the benefit of HPA, the previously unknown and now known mystery jungle area of UKM :P

Some videos actually even made HPA seem worth making a trip to. What a miracle ! XD

However, I am mostly satisfied with our work. Hopefully, Major Jasmy is too :)

If you’re interested, have a look ! Enjoy~

Oh, darn.

Just as I was going to upload our group’s video for you to “Enjoy~” I realized that the WordPress “allowed file formats” do not include .wmv – which is exactly the file format our video is.


Will this problem never cease? :(

I’ll fix this later. Darn. I’m so disappointed. >.<



  1. anahiarar said,

    haha..a’ah la kan. i think ours is great, but others did greater. hehe.
    but, i think ours is not that really bad la, cuma maybe kita pakai byk still pic kan, so the effect wont look the same as others yg pakai vdeo cam dr faculty tu. kan kan kan?
    still, i like our vid! :)
    u guys did great job (i owe u ppl kan? ) hehe

    p/s sori for less contributing :(

    • Liz o(^^)o said,

      Eh eh. Apa pulak owe us ! You did help ba. Contributed your “beautiful” face for our pictures also ma. Ahaha. XD No worries, tak yah feel obligated to thank us lorrr :)

      p.s: I DO like our vid :P

  2. anahiarar said,

    haha. only can contribute that “beautiful” face ma :P
    such a flattering remark :P

    • Liz o(^^)o said,

      Alaaa. Saja wanna make you happy for a while :) wakakakkakak

  3. anahiarar said,

    haha..yela, great effort la Lisa! (-.-“)
    you know, i never simply2 believe whatever u say :P

    • Liz o(^^)o said,

      Don’t worry, I don’t simply believe whatever YOU say either. XD

  4. anahiarar said,

    ahaha. now we dun simply believe each other la ni.
    okayyyy..fine. hmmm :P

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