The Shiny Thing

March 14, 2010 at 1:17 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Lecture 12.3.2010

Dr. Arba’at took over the lecture last Friday.

I was a little late for class cos I could not wake up that morning. I had slept at 4.00 am the night (or morning, rather) before finishing up my part of the Teaching of Speaking and Listening lesson plan pair assignment.

So, instead of being there by 7.45 am like I usually do, I took the 8.00 am bus and was 10 minutes late to class.

Thankfully, Dr. Arba’at had not started yet.

The first thing I noticed was that the entire class had taken up the first few rows of seats in the lecture hall, which was unusual. Normally, we’d fill up the back seats, waaaaayyyy in the back of the lecture hall.

I snorted. Dr. Arba’at must have made them move forward.

Then, he started his lecture on “Integration of ICT into the Teaching and Learning Process.”

He talked a lot about computers and software and hardware, soft skills and hard skills….

Changes in the teaching and learning process from a teacher-centred one to a student-centred one – which calls for a more independent learning approach. One which integrating ICT in the process can provide. Since exploratory discovery methods of learning is encouraged in our students, using technology like the internet and personal computers is beneficial.

Teachers should also encourage active learning, instead of passive (like lectures are >.<) and emphasize more on discovery and creative learning. Teachers should also bear in mind that learning should be a 2-way thing which is interactive and fun and not 1-way (mainly teaching>>student).

SMART school was a concept by the government as an attempt to encourage  and facilitate the use of ICT in the teaching and learning process. Schools such as these were chosen and given the privilege to be subsidized for computers in all classrooms to be used by teachers and students alike.

With such facilities, students are able to work and study independently on their own, with only minimal guidance from the teacher. Yes, the teacher is still needed to provide the teaching and the input. However, students could study at their own pace, and do extra drills and practices via computer programs and electronic interactive tasks. This promotes self-driven learning and lifelong learning as well, since students are able to gain information on virtually any topic in the world with the familiarization of computers and its applications like the internet.

This also increases the quality of the teaching and learning process as well as add variety to the delivery part of teaching. The vast available resources on the internet simply boosts the quality of learning and information.

Although many schools can afford to provide their students with computers and internet facilities, there are still many, especially in rural areas that simply do so. And of the those schools that can afford these facilities, may experience difficulties and problems in providing the space and the maintenance for it.

While learning this is class, I kept getting distracted. It was really annoying but I just could not for the life of me take my eyes off it long enough to look at Dr. Arba’at’s slides for more than 5 seconds.

My eyes kept going back to this shiny, shiny surface in the front of the lecture hall.

I think certain people might understand what (or who) I mean. :P

For those who do not understand what I am implying here, it is better for you to remain that way ! XD

Comparatively productive time during this lecture, considering how I kept getting distracted by The Shiny Thing, and the lack of sleep. :)


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