Play Over Work, Any Day !

March 12, 2010 at 12:41 AM (Uncategorized) ()

I was involved in the New Tune Live Performance XIII in DECTAR up until late the previous night.

So many rehearsals and practices on my Chinese pronunciation (which I am utterly hopeless in >.<) and dance moves for the finale which I did not want to mess up.

I was completely exhausted after spending eternity the whole day in DECTAR busy with practices and prepping for the show and returning to the comfort of my room only at 1.00am in the morning :(

So, it was no surprise that I did not feel like waking up at 8.00am in the morning for a 9.00am class the following day. >.<

My feet hurt, my back ached, my eyes were heavy, and every yawn I made (which came every few minutes or so) made me tear up as if I were crying over a tragic Korean drama story.

Here’s a secret: I really did not feel like going for class this morning. Yes, I was actually extremely tempted to skip.

I rushed to get the 8.30am bus and made it to the Lab nice and early for class. Took a seat at a computer and started browsing through my usual: Facebook.

Sometimes, it is so automated that it scares me. >.<

Without realizing it, it was already

10.15 am

and Major Jasmy had not yet appeared on the scene !

Strange >.<

Was class canceled and I had forgotten to write it down?

But there were others who were there in the Lab as well. So, it’s not just me.

Eh, korang, mana Major Jasmy? Takde kelas ke?

I shrug.

Facebook addicts ! wheee~

And return to Facebook.

Make use of the free and fast internet connection in FPend, why not? :)


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