Student Council Election

January 27, 2010 at 6:06 PM (Uncategorized) ()

This Thursday, our university is holding its Student Council election for both Faculty and general seats.

There has not been much of a hoo-ha this semester. I wonder why. I thought I remembered more excitement and tension last year.

The candidates were only named last Monday. And this Thursday, we are already required to vote.

I’m not so much into politics and all that. I do not wish to state my stand here either.

Just mentioned this because, consequently, there will be no Thursday tutorial this week.

I reaaallllyyyy want to say I’m jumping for joy, but I know I should be disappointed there is no class.

So, for the record, I am utterly devastated there will be no class this Thursday. :) *giggles*


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Minor Success, But A Success Anyway

January 25, 2010 at 2:35 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Can you see my file sharing thingy in my sidebar?

It has photos now ! *beams widely*


I managed to do something to it, so now there are some files there. However, I don’t really like the title being “flash_widget”. It is as if I don’t know how to change the title of my widget.

Which I don’t. Aheh.

I’m working on it though.

At least I got the photos uploaded !

Success at lasttttttt !!!! :)

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Reflection #2

January 22, 2010 at 8:43 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Lecture 22.1.2010

Today’s lecture was finally in a place where I could put my elbows up on the table and not hit the person sitting beside me. :)

I was there ten minutes before the class started, nice and early, because Major Jasmy had already requested us not to be late for his lectures, with certain consequences to follow should we be late for lecture for more than fifteen minutes. And when someone with the title “Major” (indicating military background, I presume) tells you something like that, you know he is not joking. >.<

Major Jasmy came in on the dot, and started the lecture without any delay – with a video :)

The video was funny, poking fun at female drivers and how they are apparently bad at it. There were claps from the guys, and scoffs from the girls, myself included. But it was all in good fun, though. None of us were really offended.

One thing is for sure: it definitely caught our attention :)

The content of the lecture, however, was rather dry. There were a lot of definitions, and theories and procedures and models with all sorts of acronyms. The ASSURE Model, ADDIE Model, ICARE Model, PIE Model, ARCS Model etc. (Proves I was paying attention, doesn’t it? :P) And these are only those I managed to catch. There are plenty more, I assure you. Yikes. >.<

Thankfully, at every ten to fifteen minutes or so, Major Jasmy would show us a video or two to better illustrate his point. We would all watch the videos, clearly interested. Until the video ended, of course. Which was unfortunate, because we would lose the whole point he was trying to illustrate in the first place. :)

One video though, I remember. It was a documentary video including interviews from teachers of Special Children in a SKPK school in Penang. They showed the children in the classroom, Down Syndrome kids, slow learners, the blind. It was heart-warming to see these children even able to perform simple tasks like feeding themselves, independently.

Then, there was this one child. He was blind; had some deformity in his eyes. But he sang like an angel. I could catch a few phrases that he sung in his mother tongue, first about a burung pipit, and then about his beloved teacher Cikgu Wan, whom he described in his song as sangat cantik.

That brought me to tears. I had to hold them back as Major Jasmy continued on with his lecture. But I think I would always remember his sweet innocent face, and his husky little voice. It inspired me. :)

Oh, and I remembered the point that Major Jasmy was trying to make by showing us that video. That children need to do, to remember and learn, rather than just see or hear.

Which goes to show that using videos as a teaching aid in the classroom does help the learning process if used appropriately. :)

I seriously enjoyed today’s lecture. There was a bit of everything – humour, laughter, knowledge and a few tears. :)

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Reflection #1 (cont)

January 22, 2010 at 5:56 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Ahhhh. Had an intriguing, thought-provoking (and confusing ! >.<) Literature tutorial, a nice lunch, a (kinda) productive group discussion and a short nap earlier.

Now, back to business.

About Lecture 15.1.2010:

Dr. R’s son, Faisal (who studies in Adelaide yo !) was also there again to help. Dr. R showed us 2 more videos as examples of what we could come up with for our group project. The two videos wowed me just as much as the previous ones she had shown us.

My gosh.

Will I ever be able to do something like that?

*mutters to self* Positive thinking positive thinking positive thinking…..

Pfft. I’m sure I should be able to do something like that by the end of this course. Whoohooo~

Anyways, the 2 examples shown to us were really interesting. While the one themed around friendship had certain cool effects (like the moving calendar), the second video made a bigger impact on me.

The second video not only had a more heart-warming theme of the plea of the Palestinians, but also had very emotive-provoking music. The most amazing thing about this second video was that it consisted entirely of still pictures put together and words. There was not even any narration. I felt touched by the video, just through the pictures and the music that was played.

I guess what really matters is not how canggih your technology is, but rather, really knowing the message you want to convey, the usage of striking, effective pictures, and appropriate music.

I loved the music used in the video. There was this booming beat in the background of the music that made my heart thump at the same time. Which was not odd considering the message of war and terror that was shown in the pictures as well. From this video, I can learn that it is extremely important for your music to match your pictures. Besides that, towards the end, there was also a wailing-siren effect that was perfect in depicting the utter chaos and emergency, desperation, anguish and suffering of the Palestinian people during such tragic times.

I guess you can tell I liked the second video better. :)

This tells me that to produce such a well-done video such as that, although only using still pictures, requires a lot of planning. You must know your message, select not just any okay-music, but music that must be perfectly matched with your message and pictures in order to create the best effect, to carry your message through.

I know this is really tough, but it is not impossible.

Positive thinking positive thinking positive thinking.

I can do this. I just need to start planning from now. :)

Aja aja !

p.s: Do you see my signature? Isn’t it pretty? I like it :)

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Reflection #1

January 22, 2010 at 9:54 AM (Uncategorized) ()

Lecture 15.1.2010

Oops. I guess this reflection is waaayyyy overdue. >.<

Lecture was still in GM2, which was less of a problem this week as compared to the previous week. It seems that there were less people in the room. Turned out (yes, I was one of those people who found out later >.<) that Dr. Rosseni had actually posted on her blog requesting those who already had WordPress blogs, or were familiar with them, to not attend the lecture that week, just to alleviate the human traffic a bit.

And it worked ! I felt like there was more space to breathe :)

During the lecture, Dr. Rosseni talked about using WordPress. There were links to WordPress tutorials on her blog as well. But I have not had the chance to look at them yet.

I have opened a WordPress account and fiddled with some stuff. Here and there. That’s got to count for something right? (I hope)

That’s where Dr. Rosseni (I think I’ll call her Dr. R from now on, just to make my typing easier, AND it also sounds more mysterious, don’t you think? :P) mentioned about the file sharing widget which we could use to upload documents (like her on her blog) or pictures and videos and music files.

Whichhhhhhhhh in my previous post, I mentioned having problems with. Argh.

I haven’t fixed it yet, but not to worry, oh my non-existent readers ! I shall have it up-and-running soon enough ! And then you’ll be able to view some pictures I have of our TESL Year 2 group having some awesome fun !!! :)

I saw the Meebo chat on Dr. R’s blog. Which made me want to have one as well. Although hers is definitely more for discussion purposes, I guess mine is just so I can chat with people. Or just so my blog sidebar does not look so empty. *teehee*

Ooh. And one more thing that I am extremely jealous of Dr. R’s blog is her tabs at the top of her blog page. You know, those different pages like “About” and “Tutorials” and “Why I Love Teaching”?

I can’t do it ! :(

I’ve even written a pretty inspiring piece (if I say so myself :P) about why I chose the teaching profession. However, I am unable to put it up as a page. So how do people get to view it?

Googling the “How to Make Tabs On WordPress” reveals that I will have to fiddle with the html codes for my blog.

Needless to say, all I saw were stars ! @.@


Dr. R’s blog is wide-page. I want mine like that too. But how do I do it?

I better start finding out instead of whining away.

Oops. Off to Literature class now. Will continue later ! :)


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January 19, 2010 at 9:12 PM (Uncategorized) ()


I could ALMOST do this. Almost.


I never thought that this technology stuff can be so difficult. >.<

I mean, I’ve never been a very tech-savvy person. But I take pride in the fact that I have Friendster, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger accounts and two blogs to date.

Oh, three. Including this one :)

Oh-kay. Fineeee. So every Amy, Jane and Sally has those nowadays.


Like I said, I’m not very tech-savvy. So it’s considered quite an achievement. For me, anyways.

I’m still struggling to customize my blog’s layout and widgets.

Did you see my Meebo chat box? I did it !!! wheeee~~ XD

But my file sharing thinga-ma-jig doesn’t seem to be working so well. I tried, believe me. I think I’ve uploaded my pictures 3 times already. But every time I refresh the page, it tells me that there are no files at all !

This is frustrating ! >.<


For the moment, I’m going to leave it file-less. It isn’t exactly my choice, but what can you do when technology refuses to cooperate? (Okay, I’m blaming technology for my ignorance. But just leave me to rant, will ya?)

Maybe I’ll try again when is in a better mood, eh?

p.s: I wonder how Cikgu does it on her blog. *grumblegrumble*

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Yellow !

January 13, 2010 at 4:49 PM (Uncategorized) ()

This is pretty exciting !

First time using a WordPress account for blogging. There seems to be so many strange unfamiliar buttons and widgets and whatnot.

Hopefully, I can get the hang of it soon ! :)

p.s: The title of this post does not refer to the colour, but rather a random word that rhymes with “Hello”. Nevermind. Ignore the feeble-minded XD

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